Different pests in fruit trees

We will continue talking about the different pests that affect our fruit trees.

The white peach louse or Pseudaulacaspis pentagon. In addition to attacking the peach tree, it attacks the mulberry and kiwi. In very frequent to notice the branches. The damages are much smaller than those produced by the San José louse.

The aphids or aphids They are responsible for nailing the sucking peak and thus get to absorb the sap, generating a deformation in the leaves and in the buds that are in the development stage. Along with the aphids, the black-colored fungus Negrillo appears on its molasses that the aphids and ants that take care of these excrete.

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<p style=There are aphids of different colors. In the event that they carry out a weak attack, it will be enough to cut off the affected leaves and buds and give a good shower of soapy water to clean the affected areas, in case the berthing is more severe the best is some type of insecticide antipulgón .

Green apple aphid (Aphis pomi), peach tree (Myzus persicae) or lanígero aphid. It has the characteristic of covering the tree with a white waxy secretion. It feeds on the sap of woody organs, branches, shoots and green stems, but never feeds on the leaves. Causes tumors or large chancros on the affected surfaces, the tree after suffering the attack is very weakened.

White fly: It is normal to attack citrus fruit trees, such as mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit. These are small white flies that are located at the back of the leaves, if they are shaken, the flies will fly away. They cause damage by chopping these leaves.

It is normal to see them discolored, with a yellowish appearance. In the event that the attack is strong, they get caught and fall.

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