Different tutors for plants

Many plants, both inside and outside, they remain upright thanks to the use of supports or tutors, in other cases they do not need this help for their development.

Climbing species or those with long and very thin stems can grow crooked if they do not have some type of guide. Let us keep in mind that if a plant grows correctly it obtains many benefits in its flowering, producing a superior quantity and quality.

In specialized businesses you can find different supports or frames, some of them are plastic, cane, metal, all of them have the function of accommodating and fastening climbing plants so that they look more colorful and are healthier.

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<p style=The arch-shaped supports can be made of wire or bamboo. They are an excellent choice for climbing plants with flowers, for example jasmine or Stephanotis. The production of flowers of these plants is much better if the stems grow in a circular way than if they have to do it vertically.

These bows can be made in your home. Bamboo rods should be moistened for a few minutes, so it will be easier to manipulate them and give them the desired shape. If you are going to make the bow with wire you will only have to bend it in a U-shape and inserting the two ends at the bottom of the pot, so it will be well fixed.

Another good alternative is to use a moss tutor. This guide is very common and affordable, it is used for climbing plants that develop aerial roots from the stems. Among these species we find the Pothos or the Monstera. If the moss is kept moist the roots can penetrate it, keeping the plant fresh. Ideally, the tutor should be placed taking into account the height you want to reach with the plant, since then it cannot be replaced when the roots have clung to the moss.

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