Different types of orchids – Ideas for gardens and decoration

There are different types of orchids, all of them differ by something, but none ceases to amaze us with their beauty. Those who enjoy flowers recognize that orchids have a special charm.

Orchids can be classified into three different types: epiphytes, semi-terrestrial, terrestrial.

The epiphytic orchids they represent 90 percent of all species. They are the ones you can see hanging from bushes or trees. They are very beautiful and easy to get for sale. They come from tropical areas. They have the characteristics of not being parasitic species. The needs and care for their development are scarce, they usually get water from the humidity of the surrounding air, their roots are aerial.

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<p style=The kind of semi-terrestrial orchids they are those that grow on a kind of mattress of leaves that are in a state of decomposition in the soil, they also develop on mossy stones. These orchids include the genera of Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Selenipedium and Cypripedium

The ground orchids They have their roots in the earth. Among them we find the Phaius tankervillae, Bletilla striata, Calanthe vestita, Chloraea, Cranichis, Cyclopogon, etc.

Within the botanical family of orchids (Orchidaceae) We found one of the largest families in the Vegetable Kingdom. It is believed that there are more than 35 thousand different species of orchids on the entire planet.

These plants develop perfectly in tropical and subtropical climates, although they are usually found in other areas, except in deserts with extreme drought and at the poles or in areas with heights above 4500 meters above sea level.

It is estimated that in the Spanish territory there are more than 100 species of orchids, especially in mountainous areas, unfortunately many of them are in danger of extinction. The orchids of Europe have flowers that are neither as large nor as colorful as the orchids found in tropical areas.

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