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Different zen gardens

The Zen gardens They are one of the latest trends in exterior decoration. An original and exotic way to decorate the garden and enjoy the landscape. While it is true that it is a current trend we must know that it has its origins in the thirteenth century.

The use of these gardens is because they are an excellent alternative to the more traditional gardens. They have many advantages that we will tell you throughout this article.
Many call Zen gardens dry gardens, they are spaces used for meditation and contemplation.

Among its main elements must contain pebbles, stones, wood, sand. Based on its composition we can find two advantages: they are economical to create and they are easy to maintain.

For create a Zen garden We do not need a large space, but a suitable place, a place that will have a simple and fluid appearance to allow us to relax. The first thing to do is create a kind of wooden container that is 10 centimeters high. The container can have the shape you like best or the place that allows the terrace.

The sand will give us peace and calm, so it must be correctly distributed throughout the land. We have to help ourselves with a small rake to get good results. Too we must place pebbles and stones, that represent the obstacles, the experiences and the stumbling blocks that all the people we have throughout life. This should be of different colors, sizes and textures.

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