Discover the power of silence with Malikian in #hazmute

Discover the power of silence with Malikian in #hazmute

As passionate about decorating gardens we have not been able to avoid being interested in the #hazmute project where we reflect and open a social debate in relation to the importance that silence has for our creative and thinking capacity. And, it is increasingly difficult to enjoy a thought without noise that distracts us.

If you are also interested in knowing more about these reflections, do not hesitate to go on Thursday, June 12 to the second session on this project that will take place at the Fundación Telefónica SPACE at 7pm and will be directed by the prestigious violinist Ara Malikian, a prodigious music who will reflect on the importance of silence in his day to day, in his rehearsals, at the time of musical composition, and of course, in his more than 300 concerts he performs annually.

Malikian will give us a new vision about noise and silence and its effects on the world of creativity, just as in the previous #hazmute session the prestigious designer Javier Mariscal did.

In this video, you can see a little better the concept of trying to deliberate in these sessions of innovation and social development:

And what do you think about all this noise? Without a doubt, it seems to be a very interesting concept in the field of creativity, design, and therefore, in the field of decoration. And, what better way to avoid the noise of the city than with a beautiful garden isolated from the world? That is the solution we would propose!

Do you dare to attend the debate or listen to it online? More information in: Fundació

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