Enfermedades que afectan a las hojas

Diseases that may appear on the leaves

We will continue talking about the different diseases and fungi that can affect the leaves of our plants causing them to dry. In the previous article we have referred to the disease called Anthracnose and Alternariosis. Today we will start by talking about the Verticillium.

Verticillium or Fusarium

This disease affects only a single part of the plant. Among the most frequent symptoms we find the total or partial wilt that start in the hottest hours. If we cut a little of the stem we will see how the area is dark. This happens because it is a vascular disease that causes the sap conductive vessels to rot.

Both the Verticillium and the Fusarium are two pathogens that are conserved in the soil so you should not place the same plants in that place to avoid affecting the new plants. It is very important that you perform a good cleaning of the soil eliminating all the vegetable remains that may have remained.

Black spot

The black spot or Marssonina Rosae It is a disease that normally It comes in the rose bushes, although it can also occur in geraniums, chrysanthemums and begonias. It is characterized by the appearance of round black spots that extend along the surface of the leaf generating its fall. Sometimes defoliation can be very strong.

Rounded black spots appear on leaves that extend and cause them to fall. Sometimes defoliation is very strong. To prevent its spread it is necessary to collect and destroy the attacked leaves.

Keep in mind that it is not a superficial fungus but penetrates under the epidermis, so the treatment should be preventive and should be repeated every 15 days.

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