DIY How to decorate a pot with felt flowers

DIY How to decorate a pot with felt flowers

Today I leave you a great idea to decorate any pot we have at home with felt flowers. If you have pots left over, that are somewhat broken and cannot be used with real flowers … why not do it with lying flowers? In this article I suggest you make a beautiful bouquet of flowers made in felt.

On other occasions I have talked about the felt as a material study to work with given its wide range of colors, how economical it is and how easy it is also to work with it to glue or cut it. On this occasion all flowers are made of felt, thin strips of this material trimmed with scissors or with a cutter.

If you roll each strip, you will get a flower very similar to the one we see. They are species of great little roses, of many different colors with which to decorate an old pot. You can also get a pot of plastic, small and cheap to decorate your favorite corners. An idea is to paint the pot and not leave it the next color, so it will be more striking.

Choose the colors you want, it can be a full color bouquet or decorate with one or a combination of two colors. You can make these pots together and make the table, using them as centers. Theirs is to add a piece of sponge, foam or a porexpan ball inside the pot that you can find in any craft store. This filling will help you to keep the flowers stuck. How to do this?

First make the flower in felt as I have told you, then add a nice decorative head pin, finally add a drop of glue so that it is fixed well and ready… now you just have to stick the pin with the flower, in the foam of the pot. Like this flower, perform all the others and ready to decorate what do you think?

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