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DIY How to decorate the pots with washi tape

Today I propose the washi tape to decorate the pots. You already know that this type of adhesive tape is very useful for decorating all types of surfaces from tables, lamps, cutlery, glasses, vases, furniture and even pots. The washi tape are great adhesive tapes that can be found in a wide range … wide range of different colors and patterns.

Since there is an almost unbeatable variety of washi tape, we can choose the style we want most for our pots. If you have sherds, planters or pots to which you want to change the look, these tapes are very simple to put and you won't even have to resort to painting. Choose the style you like best, vintage, retro, modern, elegant, rustic…. There are thousands of possibilities and also, best of all, they are really easy to put on.

The good thing about these tapes is that they are easily cut and we can make as many designs as we want … from covering the entire pot to just making a few horizontal, vertical lines … include one over the other, add different colors. It is also an idea to paint the pot and then add a nice edging with these ribbons.

Today I leave some examples for you to see or get a little idea of ​​how you can see some great pots decorated with this type of tape. Remember that you only have to remove the side protected with the paper and then gently press on the surface to decorate, carefully chosen the site press and ready, you will have it pasted. I remind you that to decorate the pots it is essential to clean them first. If you have previously had a plant inside, try to remove all other soil and wash them perfectly, if they have previously had some moisture and can stick to the new specimens.

On the outside it is good that, before pasting anything, you pass a cotton ball or a cloth that does not leave lint, with a little alcohol … this will make the surface free of dust and dirt. Then you can paint or add the washi tape tapes. What do you think of these examples?

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Photo: decoratingyoursmallspace; aproverbs31wife

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