Do you have a pool? Color it - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Do you have a pool? Color it – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! In today's space, in Decoration and Gardens, we want to make a great proposal especially for special days such as birthdays, saints, unique events and some meetings at home.

If you want to give maximum prominence to your garden, today we make the great proposal to decorate something you never thought of … the water in your pool.

Create different nuances and play with the light, to form great compositions .. your pool will be the protagonist, no doubt, of the party.

If you can enjoy your pool, no matter the dimensions, we can give a great color to the water very different from what we usually see.

And how can you do it? In a very simple way .. in the market there are dyes for pisicna, in this way we can add the color that we like the most and thus enjoy it…

Surprise your friends and family with a great dinner and water in pink, orange .. yellow, green .. It is also a great surprise for the little ones!

The dye is very simple to use, we will also see it in 180 ml containers. With this amount of dye we can color the water of about 50 cubic meters in your pool.

Think that depending on the amount you put in the water, so dense will be the color you want to give it … that is if you add more, the color will be more visible and more dense … if you take less then less color we will see.

The duration is not forever, much less, this coloring is special for certain moments and some events .. so depending on the amount you cast the color will last between 6 hours and 24 hours.

I guess the first thing that comes to mind, when we talk about coloring the pool water, will be if it is good or bad for the skin, if it is dangerous, if children can be in danger. Well, from here we tell you that it is totally harmless to the skin, it is not dangerous and the quality of the pool water will not be altered.

The price of these dyes is usually not very expensive, about 25 euros and if you want to know a name we quote that Aquacouleur It’s great.

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