Do you have a pool? Evergreen vegetation

Do you have a pool? Evergreen vegetation

Good morning friends of Decoration and Gardens! Today we would love to tell you about the vegetation decoration that you have close to you swimming pool.

If you have a pool or you have in your head the project of building it, the ideal is to think about the rest of the environment … what can we do to make the garden even more beautiful.

In addition to the chosen furniture, we will also think about the rest of the plants that we will grow and the flowers … the colors, the shapes.

Remember that if you have a pool and think about growing something .. turn to evergreen plants .. this will mean that when the time comes, the pool is not covered with leaves of deciduous plants.

To start like this we will keep the pool clean and we can put around this sectors or massifs of plants for example shrubs and sulo edgers. We can also opt for herbaceous plants that are in season … the size can be high or low, according to taste.

Think that if we use this type of species, we will provide a great dynamism to the space .. in this way, if we choose low shrubs, we will not have to stumble visually when taking a look .. the space will remain clean around and above all on the Water…

There are many species that you can choose to plant around your pool such as species such as Sterlizia or the bird of paradise, phornios, palms, oleanders, durantas, daisies, lavenders, also any type of plant or flower that is found in season.

Remember that if you choose taller or larger plants, such as palm trees or any other type of tree, we will put them in a plane far further so that the view remains clean without having to visually stumble upon trees.
Palm trees and trees should be placed in a more remote area.

To give more visual smoothness to the pool, we must play with curved beds, to give less, with straight lines .. that does try to select species that have similar characteristics in terms of irrigation and temperature, fertilizer, soil ..

We can also locate some plants in higher quarries, surrounding a part of the pool, and a simpler one to place pots of cement or stones, of different shapes and sizes.

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