Do you have roses? Basic Gardening Tasks

Do you have roses? Basic Gardening Tasks

Good morning friends! In Decoration and Gardens we love roses, if you have roses in your garden from here we indicate the basic maintenance tasks so that they grow well developed and beautiful.

Although the rose bushes are beautiful and harmonize almost every corner of our home, keeping them can sometimes become a somewhat complicated task, which requires time and effort. But yes, once done we are rewarded with the flowers so beautiful that roses give.

A wonderful way, with a totally heady perfume, we can have roses with roses in different colors and thus decorate both exterior spaces, as interiors with flowers.

If you have a very nutrient rich soil and a beautiful corner where roses can be nourished by sunlight, at least for 6 hours … it will be enough.

If we have rose bushes and we want them to develop in the best possible way, we have to give the plant some conditions … fulfilling everything we have said and taking care of the irrigation, the plant will develop strong and beautiful.

In times of heat it is best that the roses have a good daily watering, in this way we will get rid of excessive heat … cover the plant with plenty of organic fertilizer … in this way we will keep the moisture in the soil.

The roses should be aerated, so it is not good that the bushes are piled up … separate them enough so that the roots and branches have enough space to be able to develop in all their splendor. If you prefer you can also plant the roses in a pot.

The fertilizer time is usually for early spring, this is its optimal season … and if it can be with organic fertilizer. During this time we will use to remove dry or damaged stems, the rose must be pruned.

In this way with the cut bushes we can make new rose bushes grow, for this, cut the lateral stems of the rose bush, remove the leaves, plant them and go!

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