Do you like plants? Urbio

Do you like plants? Urbio

Good morning companions! Today we are pleased to present a new proposal that we can say in just one word … Urbio.

What is it Urbio? This exotic word refers to an exquisite vertical garden, but this time with something different … it is a magnetic garden!

I don't know about you, but I love plants and flowers and that of not being able to have space or a garden where to fill it with the joy and color of them, is not fair. That is why vertical gardens are born, on other occasions we have talked about them.

Also called green or green walls, it is a spectacular idea, they do not take up space and yet decorate equally. If you plan on putting a vertical garden, on the terrace or on a wall inside your home, today we leave you with Urbio.

This spectacular modular system has magnetic supports, which are added to each pot in different sizes. The system has three varieties of pot, large, medium and small … for you to make your own compositions. In addition, each of them has an individual support, so we can suspend them in the module we choose.

An elegant idea full of freshness where we can add bright colors to our home. This impressive garden can be easily obtained and I tell you one thing, if you have cats … it is the best because we can put it to the height that we like the most.

Their magnets are very powerful so we can transform almost any surface. Urbio arises from two different studies Enliste Dsign and Volare. His great idea is to use ecological materials and truly powerful magnets to support almost any weight and decorate our rooms.

Finally we comment that this modular system makes the pots can be adapted to almost any wall, we can also place some of the pots in other rooms other than home.

Its simple and clean design, its ecological materials and the versatility of Urbio make it a perfect system for decorating the terrace or any part of the home.

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