Do you love cacti? Tips

Do you love cacti? Tips

Good morning friends in today's space we will give some tips to follow to keep and protect the cactus in conditions.

If you love them Cactus Today we leave you some very interesting tips for you to keep in mind so you can protect them and develop in conditions.

Remember that they are very resistant plants but if we want to decorate with them it will be better to pay attention to the intense cold and the rains.

It is important to pay special attention to irrigation, remember that in the cold season we will not water the cacti that we are growing outdoors, especially if there is a risk of frost. The indoor ones will water them once or twice a month at most – water the soil, not the plant-

Although cacti are very resistant, if we want to grow them we must provide the nutrients they need to the soil. Remember that the best soil will be that which is light soil and has good drainage. Remember that if you want it to bloom in winter we will reduce irrigation and fertilizer.

Sometimes, even if it is a strong plant, insect outbreaks such as mealybugs may appear. In winter it is the time of these insects and the red spider. Normally these pests leave the dry substrate .. so that this is reduced or not, a tip is that in autumn we do the last irrigation with insecticide. In this way we will try to avoid pests.

To transplant the cacti, it is better to do it when the growth period begins. This is usually between March and June although depending on the area and type of cactus, it may vary.

Finally, we recommend that you place cacti or plants in a place that is very bright in this way they will grow robust and look healthy. In dark areas it usually happens that the cactus grows high so it will look brittle and appear sick.

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