Do you want to know a little about the Rusco? -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Do you want to know a little about the Rusco? -Part II- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Once we are clear where it comes from, the origin, the name and how is this bush.. we will explain some of your most important care.

The pruning tasks of the bush are usually done in autumn, and remember that once you do this it usually lasts a long time. On this occasion take advantage of pruning to collect the remains, join them with holly and create great decorative bouquets.

He Rough It has thorny leaves, so many people do not like having them in their garden … but it is true that if we add them they will give a spectacular touch to the place and very attractive.

Now, the issue of irrigation will always be occasional when it is cold … while when the high summer temperatures arrive it will increase.

When we go to plant or transplant the Rusco, we must put it in a place where there is not too much sun .. it is best that we place it in the shade since a direct exposure could wither it.

If you wonder about fertilizers and fertilizers, we tell you that you do not need fertilizers … it comes from a wild species … so we will be calmer.

If you want to know something about its reproduction, we must bear in mind that we will do it or carry it out through cuttings … this we will do on spring dates, especially at the end of it. Plant them in pots and then transplant them to the ground.

Finally we tell you some curiosities of the Rusco .. It is a shrub used for Christmas decoration .. its dark green leaves are ideal for this time of year, with the branches splendid branches are made .. in addition its bright fruits are ideal for creations Decorative

On the other hand this shrub is also widely used to relieve hermorrhoids, improves circulation. It also serves very well for the issue of varicose veins and odious cellulite. But not only will it help us for all this, which is enough, we can use it to reduce the uric acid of our body .. because it facilitates sweating.

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