Doeloe lounge chair - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Doeloe lounge chair – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we talk about a garden chair, the most special. His name is Doeloe Lunge Chair and many may already know her.

This time we are struck by this great armchair, large, comfortable, comfortable and sustainable! Ideal for any terrace, balcony, patio or garden.

If you have outdoor areas, know that there are many designers, such as Abiel Abdillah, who investigate to design sustainable furniture.

Abie Abdillah is the designer of Doeloe Lounge Chair .. his work is characterized by the fact that he usually applies or uses traditional manufacturing materials. These materials are applied in both modern and avant-garde projects and designs. This is one of his tests, a totally comfortable chair.

Doeloe Lounge Chair is the most comfortable and ideal for any outdoor area. It has been manufactured in natural fibers, specifically in rattan. This type of fiber is a reed of Asian origin and is very similar to wicker.

The rattan, as a sustainable material, is widely used in garden furniture. They also last a long time and are most comfortable.

The rattan grows quite quickly and easily, normally exceeding 100 meters high. We can confuse it with bamboo, but the rattan is more solid and more flexible. In this way we can make this type of materials.

This great designer has applied a very traditional armchair design, but extrapolated to this type of handmade material. With a most attractive result, today we present this great Doeloe Lounge chair.

Flexible, comfortable and perfect for all outdoor environments. In addition its design makes it a decorative solution of the most attractive.

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