Ecological decoration Wall garden

Ecological decoration Wall garden

In today's space we will talk about acquaintances vertical gardens. If you want decorate Any wall and you don't have a garden, we can always add a touch of green with some vertical gardens.

Also called green walls They are very given especially in apartments that are small and do not have a garden or patio. These gardens can be located both indoors and outdoors. Inside the house we can put them in our favorite corners providing a fresh touch to the environment.

If we have a terrace, even if it is small, we can also add a beautiful green wall … there are many styles, we just have to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Being placed, these nice gardens, vertically makes us take advantage of the space we have even more … leaving free square meters to add any other element.

This lovely eco-style stop takes center stage in the world of decoration, our favorite plants bring a decorative touch to any wall we want.

This time we see a metal structure that provides that modern touch that we seek for our environments. The metal structure has six different levels to locate small plants of our interest.

The beauty of this element, which we present today, is that the shoots of the plants leave through the separations of the structure .. this causes a fall with grace of the plants and in sight it is much lighter.

We have many advantages with this type of decoration, if we do not have spaces .. we have a few square meters and do not know where to put pots. The solution is in the walls, now we can enjoy our small garden in a very nice way, adding green to our spaces.

You no longer need to give up part of your space to fill it with saturated pots, now we can take advantage of any wall to implement this natural and decorative element.

Photos: jabuhu

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