Economic Shadows in your Garden

Economic Shadows in your Garden

Good morning to all! In today's space we talk about how create shadow places, in the garden. If you have a garden or patio that is too sunny and you need shady areas for meetings, in case you are invited or by your plants .. here we leave you a practical suggestion that we can also use in any patio, balcony or terrace.

We love the outdoors, but if your garden does not have any space in the shade it can become stifling, being bad for children to sunbathe. Today we don't want to talk about any kind of structure … but about something more economical that we can carry out, with simple and very decorative proposals.

There are many ways to engineer it to get shade in our gardens and outdoor areas. Setting a little shade will allow the garden to be used during the hottest months.

If you do not want to have a fixed installation for any reason, we have many products in decoration stores, warehouses, garden centers that can help us create something beautiful, decorative and shade us.

If you want shade, here are some suggestions … we hope they serve you at least as an inspiration. A great sun, large diameter can help us get shade. We have many novelties in umbrellas, in terms of materials, practicality, lightness … also the prices are much cheaper .. so it is time to take advantage.

We will find them in different materials, with fabrics of all kinds of quality, with aluminum foot that is less heavy .. these large umbrellas will give us a great shade .. ideal for terraced gardens and patios.

In addition to those who are bothered by the typical central bar, we can also choose parasols with the bar at the side. In the market there is this type of article in many places, but on surfaces such as Leroy Merlin we can obtain them from 55 euros. Not bad for a large parasol.

We can also get a 3 x 2 umbrella with its traditional axis for about 30 euros. If we want to save and we don't have the pocket for big expenses, these are good ideas.

On the other hand we can get the classic awnings, roller, triangular and extensible .. we can buy them on large surfaces at a not very high cost.

Windshields are another option that we can find in DIY centers, as the main advantage is that they are foldable on the sides so it offers us more play.

The gacebos and sailboats in Kit are very simple to assemble and also economical. Among them we can find folding umbrella structures.

Finally, wooden pergolas have a wide range of types of all kinds and in aluminum or steel materials, treated wood for outdoor areas, painted metal, with sliding awning or mosquito nets.

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