Edison The Petit - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Edison The Petit – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about a great lamp for lighting our exteriors.

It is perfect to set the garden, a beautiful patio, the terrace or the balcony. This floor lamp has been designed by the Dutch brand of design products Fatboy.

Fatboy offers us a fantastic lamp, the most special. Her name is Edison the Petit, in case you are interested in obtaining it.

If you are looking for extra lighting for your exteriors, Edison the Petit may be the lamp you are looking for. Fatboy proposes a small lamp made of polyethylene.

The best thing is that it works without cable, this way you can place it where you like and in the corners you want.

This lamp made of polyethylene is perfect to put on some bedside tables, restaurant tables, outdoor tables … etc.

Edison the Petit gives us some simple lines, nothing convoluted, with a final finish of the most attractive. In this way the lamp becomes a detail that can not be missing.

If you want to give a romantic touch to your surroundings, this small lamp can be the perfect detail.

As a tribute to the inventor Thomas Alva Edison, this table lamp is ideal for decorating our homes.

The measures of Edison the Petit are 25 cm high x 16 cm. As we have said, we can get it from the Dutch brand Fatboy.

If you were looking for some luminaires for your garden, your outdoor areas and others .. you can use Edison the Petit. It is small compact and easy to handle, as it does not carry cables we can put it where we like it most.

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