Epcot® International Festival of Flowers and Gardens

Epcot® International Festival of Flowers and Gardens

Today in Decoration and Jarines We will talk about one of the best known events in the park EPCOT. This well-known theme park, located in Disney World, it is really a wonderful, fantastic, moving event .. directed for both children and adults.

A spectacular Spring Festival, full of flowers and color, full of gardens, plants and shrubs in the shape of our favorite characters. There are many professionals who dedicate hours to artistically trim gardens, flowers and shrubs. In this wonderful and magical event we will see well-known ways such as Mickey Mouse, goofy, beauty and the beast, cinderella .. but we will also find the fun characters of more recent stories like Cars, Boddy, Buzz and many more characters.

Between plants and beautiful flowers, the characters seem to dance and dance happily .. they seem to smile at people and look with their lively eyes. An outdoor event where we will find live music, educational events.

Surely you are as excited as I am, and for those who can move around we tell you that the dates of this great festival are of March 7 to May 20, 2012.. what are you waiting for?

So much for the gardening lovers, as for the rest of the world .. this event is simply magical. Thanks to the skilled hands and hard work we can see magnificent shrubs turned into all our favorite characters.

Enjoy Mother Nature, the flowers, the butterfly garden! Simply fantastic .. we remind you that on weekends in programs like Garden town You can learn many gardening tips from the best horticulturists.

Finally we tell you what we can do, in EPCOT, with spectacular gardening tools and products to make our garden, patio, houseplants, crop plants or those we have on the terrace or balcony perfect.

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