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Errors we make with indoor plants (II)

Without any bad intentions sometimes we make some mistakes with our houseplants, which can cause damage in its development and the extreme cases reach death. In an earlier article we have referred to some points to keep in mind, today we will start talking about the plants that are placed in the bathroom.

Although we think that the plants are good in the bathroom, because of the humidity they receive, it is not always so, since they can receive less light than necessary if they do not have a large enough window, so you may notice that your plants do not thrive in This site of the house.

Also in the bathroom the temperature is quite changing, you can go from a moderate temperature to a too high after a bath or shower. These temperature changes usually affect plants a lot.

Another place where you can place plants are the hallwaysIn these cases, care must be taken with regard to the light they receive, in addition to being a place where it is continuously traveled they can be rubbed causing more than one branch or leaves to break.

When you put plants inside they can give them some fertilizers, but should be purchased at specialized stores or advised by a professional, be careful with home remedies.

Home remedies are not always good for plants. Surely you ever heard that to provide moisture to the plants you must place ice on their roots, which obviously can be very risky for them.

Having plants inside is very good, besides being a beautiful decorative element, but as long as these plants do not suffer or die in our attempt. Therefore, if you want to have a plant inside your house we advise you to buy some species that can adapt to the conditions of your home or office, and when you have it look for the ideal place, thinking about all the advice we gave you in these articles.

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