Eugenia Plant - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Eugenia Plant – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today in our space we talk about the plant known as Eugenia. This plant belongs to the Mirtáceas family, its genus is syzyngium.

This plant, marketed as a shrub, can measure up to seven meters in optimum conditions. It serves as a wall for the intimacy of our garden or more open areas.

Of the Paniculatum species, this plant has a number of characteristics that we would like to name.

Originally from Australia, the Eugenia plant usually has a height of at least two meters. At most and in optimal coding, as we have mentioned above, it can reach seven meters and sixty cm.

The diameter of this species of shrub is one meter, up to a maximum of two meters .. no more. Eugenia's growth is fast as long as it is planted in fertile and well drained soil.

This type of plants is not very tolerant of cold or transplants, although it holds them better than low temperatures.

Eugenia has small and very beautiful leaves, a coppery green color. Its buds are reddish. It also has small flowers, in a beautiful white color and the most striking.

We can also get fruits, they are pinkish purple and ovoid shaped. These require sun and are also very sensitive to cold.

Protect your Eugenias plants so that they do not go cold, especially in the first years. On the contrary it resists very well the pruning. The surplus is usually used to make fences and visual barriers.

You can plant it in a pot, but we have to water it often and continuously. Finally we tell you that you can multiply by seeds well in spring or summer.

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