Excessive moisture in plants

Excessive moisture in plants

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about plants and what happens if they have excessive humidity. Remember that it is very important to know what species we are planting or we are going to grow.

This is something very important, because according to the species we should check if we can really take care of it as it deserves.

Maybe in the place where you live it is very windy, very humid, too much sun, too much rain … all this will affect your plants. Therefore, we must take all this into account and look for plants that adapt perfectly to our climate.

Otherwise, you can always have a large or small greenhouse. You can locate it both outdoors and indoors.

But by removing the characteristics of the plants, some hold the water better than others. All plants need water, but in different doses and types of irrigation.

What happens when a plant has too much water? Well, moisture accumulates, both in its stem, as in the roots, the leaves … and it's not good at all.

We have to avoid this, because otherwise the plant can have from poor growth … staying smaller or less colorful … until death.

Plants that adapt to moisture begin to suffer from lack of air and therefore begin to show lesions on the leaves, flowers or fruits.

Think that between having a dry plant or with excess water, the latter will always be worse than the shortage of it. Remember that plants are living beings, roots require oxygen to live .. if they don't have it they die.

An excess of water on the ground, in the soil, in the pot .. causes the air to move and thus the plant will suffocate.

The plants are regulated in different ways and measures, the way to lose water through the leaves and stems. Some plants can lose foliage quickly if there are prolonged water deficiencies or they may have thickened tissues and others.

Control the amount of water your plants have. That way they won't have to suffer either end. In any case, find out what the demands of the species you are going to plant are.

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