Features of the Mahonia – Ideas for gardens and decoration

We will tell you the characteristics of the Mahonia. This plant pays homage to the Irishman Bernard McMahon (18th century). It belongs to the Berberidaceae family, it is formed by 80 species of shrubs originating in the area of ​​North America and Asia.

Among the most used species in the gardens we find: Mahonia aquifolium, Mahonia japonica, Mahonia repens, Mahonia bealei, Mahonia fremontii. This plant is also little known Yellowwood, Egg Yolk or Oregon Grape.

The Mahonia is a perennial bush which reaches up to two meters high, with alternate leaves and spiny edges. Although they are green during winter they turn bronze. Its flowers are yellow and appear in spikes at the tips of the branches.

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<p style=The plant blooms from spring to early fall. The fruits are a violet or bluish shade and are presented in the form of a berry.

Growing them is not complicated, they can be used in groups or in the form of hedges, it is normal to see them in gardens or on the terraces in large planters.

It is essential that place this plant in full sun, as long as summers are not very hot, they can also be used in semi-shade (in areas of Mediterranean climate). The soil in which you grow them should be a little acidic, well drained (for that you can add some sand) and have a good supply of organic matter. We advise you to plant them during the fall or early spring.

During the summer you must water them every two days, and more moderately during the rest of the year. It can be pruned at the beginning of spring, to help with flowering and also to control growth.

During the fall you will have to fertilize the Mahonia plants with organic matter and during the spring place mineral fertilizer.

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