Feng Shui Orchard - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Feng Shui Orchard – Ideas for gardens and decoration

If you love him Feng shui, today we suggest you make a small Orchard within this style This millenary form of oriental thought uses shapes, colors and textures in decoration. Always looking for a certain balance in tune with the nature to create quiet passages and very harmonious environments.

If you love him Feng shui Today we talk about creating an orchard, applying this oriental style. The essential part of the project is the direction in which we want to make our garden … because this is very important within the Feng shui.

Keep in mind that the northwest and east are perfect cardinal points for the growth of our crops, since the energies and forces will flow in favor of the plants.

If you want to make a Feng Shui style garden, we must forget about the straight lines for growing your plants … remember that we must have different ways of planting and sowing. The paths or paths that we pass through will be circular or curved … because the flowers do not grow straight.

We must remember that there are many elements that will benefit the garden. But within the Feng Shui style we will also have elements that are more negative for it, making it difficult for other plants to grow. These elements would be electricity cables, walls, antennas and certain plants.

Dried plants or organic waste will negatively affect the garden. To bring peace and harmony remember the natural elements, water, earth, green … it is not necessary to have flowering plants … the important thing to keep in mind are the soft and curved shapes. Add harmony by also looking for some ornamental items.

The garden must have it in perfect condition, always fresh and well tidy … if we can install some fountains, it will be perfect.

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