Fern care in summer

Fern care in summer

Are you worried about caring for your ferns in summer? Today I leave some things to keep in mind so that these beautiful plants grow healthy and strong. If you have outdoor ferns, try to take certain precautions depending on the time of year they are in. There are many different types of species, which provide us with beautiful colors, different types of foliage and different shapes.

The fern plant is strong, especially some are quite resistant to the coldest months of the year (but we have to protect them from frost and wind) as excessively low temperatures could kill it. In summer, however, ferns grow and develop very well in damp and shady places (never in the sun). Ideal for humid spaces, this plant needs a good drainage so as not to accumulate excessive humidity.

The care of ferns involves little effort, so it is a very chosen plant among people who do not have much time to care for the plants, but want to decorate with healthy and strong specimens. They require few maintenance, just place them in a good area and protect it from strong winds or the sun.

If your fern is in an outdoor area, reduce your watering to a minimum (once a week) Always check the floor of the plant and make sure that its surroundings are moist and dry. If it is too hot and the temperatures are very high, you should increase the irrigation (make sure the soil does not dry out)

Something very important will be to enrich the land, where we have planted the ferns, from time to time. We can do this by adding a layer of mulch (organic) Take advantage of spring to fertilize these plants. You should keep in mind how your fern is, you may need to pay at any time, but if there is no problem, preferably pay in spring or autumn.

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