Fertilizers and Fertilizers What are their differences?

Fertilizers and Fertilizers What are their differences?

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about the differences between fertilizers and fertilizers. For those fans this will be a very simple question, but today we are addressing all those beginners who want to clarify their ideas a bit.

Both the fertilizers, Like the fertilizers They are essential compounds that plants need to grow and develop completely and in a healthy way.

For the plants in your garden, those that you have on the balcony, the terrace or those that decorate your patio .. need special care, so that they can develop in conditions .. healthy and free of pests or diseases.

In addition to water and sun, plants require certain care for their development. A good supply of nutrients will keep the plants strong and healthy, managing to remain disease free.

Nutrients are found in both fertilizer and fertilizers. These nutrients are the contribution that most plants need to grow healthy, something that is noticed especially in the medium and long term.

That is to say, at the beginning a plant that has not been added any type of nutrients and another one that does, when they start to grow, it may not be noticeable .. but at the same time the lack of nutrients is seen being sick, weak and / or sick

The difference between fertilizers and fertilizers is remarkable .. although in many cases, especially for those beginners, they are difficult to differentiate.

The fertilizers They are responsible for providing nutrients to the plants, at specific or specific times … imagine that you have a diseased plant, well we will add fertilizer so that this plant improves your health … once you are well, we will not add more fertilizer from this type.

On the other hand, the fertilizer and its compounds change and modify the soil … for example if we have bad lands, a soil that does not support cultivation well … we must work it by adding a good fertilizer.

He fertilizer It changes the structure of the soil, improving it so that we can grow everything we want, helping them to be born and develop in the long term. Many times the land must be paid more than once.

Finally we tell you that neither the fertilizer nor the fertilizer is applied in the same way .. and you know that they are not the same. These can be found in granular form, in bars or in liquid form … remember to always read the label of the products you use.

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