Fertilizers so that your plants grow healthy and strong

There are different types of fertilizers for plants, which can be divided into: fertilizers Organic and mineral fertilizers. We will tell you the characteristics of each of them.

  • Organic type fertilizers:

Manure: cow manure, sheep, horse, goat are used.

Compost: It was a material that is obtained from the remains of organic and vegetable materials that go through a composting process. Sometimes the gardens of the house dedicate a small outdoor area to make a compost, in addition to an excellent fertilizer in the earth worms are raised, ideal for soil oxygenation.

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<p style=Peat: You can find different types (black peat and blonde peat). Black peat is the most common and blonde peat is the most acidic with a ph of 3.54. They are widely used for the base of pots and for the realization of seedbeds. They are also good to add to the ground and thus allow plants to have many ideal nutrients for growth.

Excerpts Humic: they are not too well known to the amateur. It is quite used in intensive horticulture. It has humic and fulvic acids that are extracted from organic substances. They are very good substances to be used in the soil.

Other organic fertilizers: There are different types of fertilizers such as crushed bones, blood meal, sewage sludge, crop residues, eggshells, green manures, etc.

  • Mineral fertilizers or chemical fertilizers

Common Mineral Fertilizers: Within these fertilizers we find urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, sodium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium chloride.

Organomineral type fertilizers: it is a mixture of organic matter that contains mineral nutrients (among them we can mention nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, magnesium). Normally they come in granulated form, they are ideal for complete fertilization at the bottom of all crops.

In a next article we will continue telling you about the different mineral fertilizers or chemical fertilizers that you can find in the market that help in the growth of your plants.

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