Feuersäulen. Garden decorative element

Feuersäulen. Garden decorative element

Good morning friends, today we will speak in this space of the so-called – Feuersäulen – If you have a yard, patio, terrace and you are willing to decorate them, we propose a great light and decorative solution.

The –Feuersäulen– are garden luminaires, decorative elements made basically for outdoor areas. Its rare name is due to the origin of this beautiful luminaire, originally from the Nordic countries.

There it is a general rule to find items like these distributed in the gardens. The normal thing is to be in the presence of some … this article is a decorative product with a totally unique design.

It consists of a metal structure, which is prepared to withstand the high temperatures and the most extreme conditions of weather agents such as water and wind. They are perfect items for outdoor areas.

If you let them oxidize over time, this article will acquire a base with different beautiful colors that merge with nature itself.

The use of these devices is very simple, we just have to get some wood and through the upper area of ​​this device, we introduce the piece of wood. Then it just burns … this is perfect because the best comes now.

The combustion of wood inside the -Feuersäulen- makes it occur without smoke … so it is much more pleasant for those around us and for the neighbor.

Once lit, the flames will produce precious objects and drawings … forming impossible images with the rattling of wood. Thanks to its indentations, we will see different shadows .. a really lovely play of light.

Finally we tell you that we can get these items with very different designs and even different materials … only you can choose the one that best suits your spaces.

So you know, if you are looking for a special luminaire or a decorative item to implement in your garden, surely these elements can help by providing a romantic, cozy and endearing atmosphere .. ideal for meetings in the moonlight.

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