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Flower arrangement on a stool

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this magnificent floral arrangement, so special that it will become the protagonist of many of your decorations.

The idea or concept is perfect both for decorating interior people, taking part of nature to any place in your house, and for outdoor spaces such as a garden, a patio, the terrace or the balcony.

You already know that I love to mix decoration and nature, for me it is one of the best decorations since plants and flowers relax me a lot, give me joy, give a good perfume to the house and add personality to the rooms.

The best thing about flowers is that you can have your ideal species for the place where you live, whether you want to plant them in a pot, put them on the ground or hang them wherever you want.

The arrangement, which we see below, you can do so much to decorate your home in a usual way … placing it in your favorite corners or to make it and arrange it in some event or meeting.

If friends or family go to your home, they will surely love it. Besides the idea of ​​using a stool for presentation, it is perfect to give that rustic and distinct touch that is sought.

We have seen floral arrangements of many types and even ways to decorate a pot or a pot, but today we use the stool as a body that will hold the plant during the event.

You can put one or several, depending on the space you need to cover or decorate. I hope you like the idea, you could include different species, different flowers, colors and endless energies flowing.

I hope you like the idea as much as I do, basically it consists of using glass bottles as a container or vases … we will also add the flowers that we like the most.

Then grab some moss and voila .. we have the set, now assemble everything in a beautiful stool .. you will see how beautiful everything is.

Photo: marzime hubpages

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