Flower cones as small details

I love decorating with flowers, especially if there is a party, a big event, a good banquet, a family reunion or just because! Today I present this great way to decorate some flowers. As you can see there are not many, just a small bouquet of two or three flowers.

It is a curious way to add a floral detail to the table. You can put it for each diner, in fact you can add the names so they know where they should sit. Then you can take the souvenir flowers. If, for example, you have to decorate the tables for a combite this idea is very simple and economical.

The end result is great and can be both elegant, romantic and with a certain vintage air. It is also very easy to prepare, you just need some cards of the color you want and some flowers. You will also need colored markers, if you want with a little brightness, to put the date or names you want.

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<p>Try to choose flowers that are not very large, you can also pick them in season. For example, in spring some beautiful daisies will be phenomenal. You can also put a couple of carnations or a couple of roses if the date is romantic. There are many other flowers, small, that can fit perfectly within this type of detail.</p>
<p>Try to cut the stem of the florets so that they do not protrude too much on the cardboard. Now cut a square of cardboard, the color you want, and put it make a cone with it and the help of your hands. Enter the flower or flowers and then set. To do this you can put some adhesive tape inside, add a glue point or tie with a tape that you like.</p>
<p>You can put a bouquet as a detail, for each cutlery. It is also an idea to add all these details in a basket or a base and put it as a centerpiece looking for a way that you like.</p>
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