Flower pot tower - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Flower pot tower – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we offer you a great idea to decorate all your corners.

If you like to decorate with plants, today we offer you to make this great decorative option. You will only need a few pots, the ones you like best.

It is a simple way to do, in just a few minutes you can decorate any of your favorite corners.

One way to take advantage of the space is the development of vertical gardens. This vertical proposal is first and foremost a very decorative way of growing plants, in this case annual flower.

The elaboration of the tower is very simple, it has no complications, the material is the usual one in gardening, pots. Let's see how we can capture this project.

For the elaboration of the tower we will need five pots of stepped sizes, if we start for example with a 35 cm diameter pot the following ones will be each five centimeters smaller than the previous one, 30, 25, 20 and 15.

With a bag of 50 liters of substrate and about 25 annual plants we will have enough to make the planting in the pots tower.

We fill the large pot of substrate up to about 7 cm from the edge, then insert the guide, it can be a wooden or metal rod of a height of one meter, if we place the tower on the garden soil we can nail the rod in the ground through the hole in the pot. It will be interesting to mix hydrogel granules with the substrate so that the soil retains moisture better.

We will place the next pot and add the substrate as in the previous one. We will continue repeating the process until all the pots are placed. Next we will make the plantation, as the free space is small the smaller we have bought the plants much better.

For the choice of flowers we have to take into account the location that the potting tower will have, it will also be better to use plants that develop low height or better to grow horizontally, thus forming beautiful green waterfalls. Petunias, calibrachoa and alyssum will be good options for a shady location.

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