Flowers according to Feng Shui

Flowers according to Feng Shui

Friends, today in Decoration and GardensWe will talk to you about the meaning that some of the flowers have for Eastern philosophy, Feng Shui. If you are a lover of this millenary philosophy, today we propose you to do a small review to know what certain flowers mean for decoration.

Including flowers in the decoration is ideal for fresh, cheerful, harmonious and relaxing environments. But flowers have an effect on the stay, on our life .. not all of them mean the same thing and according to feng shui they have many different attributes that we should consider.

We all know since according to this philosophy, feng shui divides the elements into ying and yang… the flowers have an important role .. remember that those belonging to ying are those that are soft colors and shades .. their leaves are round. The flowers corresponding to yang are of bright colors and their leaves will end in a point.

The flowers influence our mood, so we will see what are the ideal to include in our home and decorate our favorite corners.

White flowers symbolize prosperity, if they have round leaves such as orchids, geraniums … these plants are ideal for balconies or terraces.

For work areas such as small heels, places where we need to produce, to renew our ideas and feel more inspired, we can locate some beautiful star branches .. this flower is of yang type we can distinguish it by the type of petals and branches that are quite pointed … we know that sometimes this type of effect is better for areas that are outside … but we can neutralize the bad effects – let's say so – making beautiful vertical arrangements.

Remember that ying flowers will neutralize bad influences and will always provide calm and serenity to our home. Locate beautiful flowers of this type inside your home, in your favorite corners. Some plants that belong to ying are hydrangeas or buttercups.

Finally, yellow daisies belong to yang, but they are good for your health .. to take care of this aspect, they are ideal and very decorative.

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