Flowers and Porcelain - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Flowers and Porcelain – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! We love the vintage style, so much that today we talk about how to create the best spaces, inspired by this magnificent decorative style, using only two elements .. basic elements that will provide our rooms with the air we need.

if you are a fan of vintage or just want to change your decor, both outside the home … or inside it, today we leave you with the easiest advice …

Simply add in your favorite corners a formula that will never stop working .. fresh flowers and porcelain! It is very simple to do and does not mean that we have the house as our grandmothers .. a little style, but nothing to recharge visually!

Just look for your favorite flowers, unless you grow them yourself .. the important thing to create the desired effect is that they are fresh flowers. So some simple flowers, for example with a great old porcelain teapot ..

If you do not have porcelain you can always look for something similar, the important thing is the effect created .. but if you have some pieces of your grandparents or some inheritance it may be time to take advantage of them.

In this case the teapot is turned into an exquisite detail, along with the beautiful flowers .. this incorporated into a good place in the house .. and will be perfect.

The natural beauty of the flowers and the delicacy of the porcelain do it all, they highlight the decoration making it even more vintage.

With simple and simple compositions, we can create visual effects of the most delicate and romantic! The idea is easy, like a tentera or a cup, we can also use beautiful vases located in strategic places.

As you can see with small details we can create all kinds of effects, and if you like vintage here you have an idea for both your internal and external decorations … on the garden table, on the terrace ..

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