Flores para tu jardín en invierno

Flowers for your garden in winter

Despite the cold there are some beautiful flowers that you can wear in your garden. We will tell you what some of them are

Brassica oleracea
Known to many as ornamental cabbage. It is a plant that is not affected by the cold, also stop bright colors. It can reach 30 centimeters in height. They are very beautiful and colorful.

The leaves change color by taking pink, yellow, white and green hues. They are grown in pots in full sun. They need a lot of watering, it is very important that your substrate is not dry. For the happy colors they look great when they are in sets. The plants last for about two months, when they finish flowering they must be discarded. They multiply by seeds with great ease.

Commonly called chrysanthemum. Its leaves are characterized by being serrated or lobed. The color varies from light green to a darker green, they are usually covered by a whitish powder that gives it a grayish appearance. They almost always give off a particular and pleasant aroma. Some species have double or single flowers, the variety of color is very large, some of them are white, yellow, purple, pink, bronze, red, violet and even blue.

Have the advantage of blooming throughout the year Depending on the variety, to allow its renewal it is advisable to prune it after flowering.

Senecio Cruentus
Cineraria call. The flowers of the plant appear at the end of autumn or at the beginning of winter. The colors of its flowers are many and cheerful. If you have a good amount of light and adequate humidity, your flowering period will be extended. It requires a lot of light but not directly. You need deep risks with warm water and without lime, neither the leaves nor the flowers should be wet.

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