Flowers to aromatize your rooms

Flowers to aromatize your rooms

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to remember the importance of the aroma in our home, remember that the smell is also decorated!

A pleasant smell of a lady at night, a rose, a jasmine, to lavender or to any of your favorite plants. Think that we can aromatize our rooms in many different ways … if you like the smell of flowers, but you don't want to have them … you can always add a touch of smell with decorative fragrances.

But if you like flowers, we already have a natural way to do it. Flowers and plants are undoubtedly decorative elements that will perfume the environment.

The good smell also gives us a better mood and will invite more people to come to our home. We must place plants strategically in the rooms. Imagine aromatic flowers … like lilacs, mimosa, hyacinths, wallflowers … there are many plants with a good perfume.

The plants release their perfumes depending on the climatic conditions of the house, that is to say it will smell more in those houses where the environment is warmer and humid … on the contrary the dryness, and the environment, is their worst enemy because it causes the smell to evaporate very fast.

It is not necessary to go to very special flowers, in the field or in our own garden we will have to have wild flowers that in many occasions give off pleasant aromas … until days after being cut.

You can make great floral arrangements, with natural flowers .. in this way the room will smell perfectly and endure such a time.

It is not necessary to perfume too much, we just want small touches of smell … in this way we will not saturate such a large perfume. You can always select flowers that you like visually and include more fragrant ones … in this way we will find some balance in the decoration.

The lilacs smell great, if you want to bring a natural smell to your home try to use flowers that fit your home .. and it is not necessary to make centerpieces, we can take advantage of them in many different ways.

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