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Fluorine colors in outdoor furniture

Today I leave you with wonderful fluorine colors to decorate your favorite outdoor spaces and corners. If you do not know if you like these types of colors, here are some examples so you can see the joy they give to the environment. Especially in the summer, these kinds of colors are quite seen and if not, they should tell it last summer!

Today I propose to add touches or brushstrokes of joy, through fluorine colors. Give a current and cheerful wink in any corner of your home … but this time I'm talking about outdoor spaces. If you have a terrace, a garden or a large patio that you want to update or enable it to be used, do not leave these colors aside!

A proposal that you can use well by incorporating outdoor furniture and accessories, such as textiles and decorative plants and in vibrant colors. It is not necessary that everything be a rainbow of fluorine color … it is necessary that the view also rests. The ideal is to do half / half … it is a way of speaking … rather I mean creating a cheerful atmosphere, using vibrant shades but without getting everything to blur your eyes.

You have many proposals to create these types of environments. In the first one we see that the furniture is made of wood, also a rather uniform and very elegant wood. Here the fluorine colors are located around the space, in the crystals themselves. Roses, reds or oranges, between greens and blues … we see a wide bezel that keeps the place of wind and sun. These panels are really spectacular.

In the same scene walls and floors are of an elegant hue, here we seek to give color through accessories such as pots or utensils made of orange dishes, yellow cups or a beautiful tablecloth. It is also an idea to paint some furniture, in this case one of the chairs was painted in fluorine green and as you can see it looks spectacular!

I remind you not to use this type of colors in too many quantities … otherwise we could create the opposite effect and overwhelm ourselves in such a room. Remember that you can touch with accessories or use furniture in vibrant colors mixed with items in more neutral tones.

A good idea is to paint the openings like the doors, in fluorine or vibrant colors … they will give a very different touch and the truth is that they will brighten the space. So you choose, paint walls or doors, paint furniture in vibrant colors, add accessories such as pots, plates, flowers, lamps that can help you color the environment … you can even get different color-filled textiles to set your spaces you think?

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