Parásitos que atacan a los bonsai

Free your bonsai from parasites

It is very important that they can Control parasites and diseases in bonsai. While plants may seem healthy they may actually be under attack by a parasite that will quickly kill them.

It is normal that the mites attack them, so we must examine very closely the different specimens. Let's keep in mind that they are almost microscopic but with magnifying glass you can see them. They are usually located at the bottom of the leaves, to see them it will be necessary to turn the leaves and look at the fine fabrics or remains of them.

A healthy leaf will look totally clean. If spider webs are visible, you should start looking for the mites. These creatures usually lay very small round eggs. Red spiders are also easy to see without the need to use magnifying glass.

Moths, mites, aphids, red spiders, mealybugs can be controlled if they are seen in time. Only the right insecticide should be placed, they can be phytotoxic for certain species so they must first be tested on some leaves. It is necessary to repeat the treatments to avoid the appearance of new eggs.

Normally it is advised to perform three treatments spaced between five and seven days. If the case is very serious, chemical insecticides should be used, always carrying out the instructions to the letter.

Cryptogamic diseases can be more complicated to eradicate and diagnose these diseases can be linked to the presence of organisms. They can be caused in an environment favorable to the organism and not so good for the plant. In these cases, the environment where the plant is should be improved and then we must review the plant, if we notice that the roots are rotten, the soil must be drained and watered less frequently, the plant should be put in the sun and change the growing conditions. In the event that the disease is seen in the leaves must reduce humidity, put it in the sun and increase air circulation.

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