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Frequent diseases in outdoor plants -Part II-

Do you want to know a little more about frequent diseases in outdoor plants? today I leave you with some of them that you can observe in certain copies. Some plants are struck by pests or diseases and even more so in summer. We have to keep our species well maintained and healthy, see if it has something out of the ordinary and act on it.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure, but for this we have to know a little about some common diseases in outdoor plants. To have a beautiful garden, we have to take care of it as it deserves.

One of the frequent diseases that your plants can face is the chancros. This disease can be from one of these three origins, fungal, viral or bacterial. You will see that your plants form depressions, lumps of rotten appearance or scars. Normally we will see this in trees that end up rotten or dry.

Another common disease is Roya, also of fungal origin … which can be used in several plants to complete its life cycle. It is important to observe some of these symptoms, since they may have Roya: if you see that some leaves of the plants have in their leaves residues of a kind of brown powder, it is that it is infected by this disease. Something you can do is control it using Neem oil, which you can find in garden stores.

The last disease that I leave today is the so-called Alternary blight. A frequent disease in outdoor plants, where we will see more in flowers and fruit plants or trees that give enough shade. Look at the fruits of the trees and the petals of the flowers of the plants, to see a series of dots in dark brown or black. Where these points are, the fruit or petal will dry and then fall off.

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