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Fruit pests (IV)

Another one of the plagues that can affect fruit trees It is the Nematodes. These are very small worms, 0.2 millimeters that are introduced into the roots to feed on them. When the worms multiply, reaching a large amount, they can kill the plant.

It is true that it is not easy to detect if the plant is being attacked, because the symptoms are very similar to those that appear when excess water is received or in times of drought, lack of nutrients. The leaves turn a pale color, the growth seems to stop and the specimen slowly withers.

When it comes to the Meloydogine genus, if the roots are extracted from the soil, you can see some very characteristic lumps or nodules.

One way to avoid this disease is prevention. For this, the soil and substrates must be disinfected. If the attack occurs in the pot, a good alternative is to tear off the affected plants and burn everything, including the substrate. However, if the infection is in the soil, control is more difficult.

Another problem to which fruit trees are exposed are snails. This pest can cause great damage to fruit trees. It affects the leaves, buds, buds, being able to kill the youngest specimens. In the case of adult trees severely damages their fruits.

Traditional treatments for snails are based on Metaldehyde and Mesurol in granules or baits. Copper sheets can be placed on the logs to prevent them from climbing the fruits and leaves.

By last we will refer to rodents. In the case of field mice they have the habit of going out at night to look for food, seeds, roots, tender branches, insects, besides gnawing the bark of trees, a good alternative to prevent these problems is through baits and mousetraps.

The best are self-clotting baits and sticky traps. Anticoagulant baits kill by ingestion several days after consumption. In addition, mice fail to warn of the danger. Ultrasound systems are less effective since mice end up adapting to them.

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