Arboles frutales en flor

Fruit pests (V)

Today we want to refer to other pests that may affect fruit pests. We will start talking about voles

The voles are characterized by living underground, digging galleries. They cause significant damage to plantations (especially beet and potato plantations) and fruit trees such as orange trees. To scare them away we advise you to use ultrasonic wave methods and vibrations.

Another plague are rabbits or hares, which bite the aerial parts of many species, in addition to the trunks of shrubs and trees, causing damage. To avoid them you must surround the plantations with metal meshes.

Both rabbits and hares come to harm the crops of cereals, vines and legumes. The wire vines that are placed must be at least 30 centimeters high and 30 centimeters deep since when placed flush with the ground they can dig and pass under them. In the case of trees, tree guard collars should be placed.

Birds can also become a true plague For fruit trees. Species such as finches or blacksmiths can generate significant damage to fruit rubs. Starlings eat fruits and grapes, marking with the pecking the outside of the fruit, which causes them to rot.

In these cases it can become a real complication to prevent the attack, it is best to place a net or fine mesh, which covers the trees during the fruiting stage.

The best grape clusters should be protected from birds using brown paper paper, leaving some exposed so that the birds focus on them and do not harm others.

Some advise the use of scarecrows, the classic doll that must be periodically changed places, do not forget to place a bag in your hand that makes noise with the wind and this frightens the birds.

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