Fruit trees. El Ciruelo - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Fruit trees. El Ciruelo – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning to all! Today, at the request of one of our readers, we are going to talk about fruit trees … as it is a long topic, this time, we will focus on Plum.

If you have a small garden or yard, surely if you have not considered adding a nice plum .. you will do it later.

These fruit trees are widely used in these small orchards, because they fulfill several different functions. On the one hand its delicious fruit is ideal to eat at home .. and on the other it is a beautiful tree to add as part of the garden decoration.

The Plum belongs to the family of Rosaceae, whose rogien goes back to different places of West asia.

This tree is also chosen for its size. Thanks to it it is perfect for decorating … since for small spaces it has the ideal size. Is a medium tree, which can measure between 5 and 6 meters high.

Its size will end up depending a little on the species to which it belongs. On the other hand, it is physically a pretty tree, with green leaves and small flowers They arise in the spring. These leaves are white or pink.

When he Plum tree comes to the hottest time of the year, summer … its fruit will come out … and we can taste this exquisite fruit.

Remember that plum is a very nutritious food and rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. Also this Fruit tree It is very simple to grow .. although it prefers temperate climates, it is a plant resistant to low temperatures.

For it to develop properly, we must sow them in a soil that maintains moisture, but never in excess.

If you want to know when the fruit is ripe, we will notice the plums ready both for their color, and for the aroma they give off. In this case, move the tree and if any plum falls it is already in its harvest stage.

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