Fruit Trees -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Fruit Trees -Part I- Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk a little about caring for fruit trees. If you have fruit trees in your garden or on your plot, land, patio … we want to give you the best tips to grow healthy and strong in their development.

We have to keep in mind that in the first stage of the development of your fruit trees, what is the area of ​​the roots, the trunk and even the branches have not finished developing … so they still can not support too much weight and sometimes the tree could split … but for this we are.

If you see that your tree can not support its own weight well we can combine this with an external support for branches .. for example putting some boards or tying something that helps them at a higher height. Theirs is that it does not bend, ensure that your tree is straight, helping it with planks and sticks.

Remember that we want a strong and well developed, healthy tree that can withstand the inclemency of the weather … therefore, proper nutrition is necessary.

Something very important to consider is the type of tree we have planted, the climate that runs through our area … and have specific products for its good development, which is not lacking in anything!

Something to keep in mind is not to water your tree too much, providing a lot of water is much worse than if we fall short with it.

Water can have a negative effect on the taste of the fruit, and we can also end up killing the tree or make other fruits not grow in the future. It is good to water it, but not in excess.

Sometimes our fruit tree may be sick, we have to find out where the problems come from and not solve them by watering them more than usual, as this would surely lead to death.

If you see that your tree has some branches with diseases, damaged and generally seems unhealthy, we must eliminate these branches.

Some branches cannot be saved and it is not convenient for our tree to waste energy in trying to bring nutrients to these branches that cannot be saved.

As we do not want to throw nutrients, it is best to eliminate these branches that are no longer worth anything. Leave only what you see to be healthy. It is convenient to talk from time to time with a professional, he will guide us so that our tree develops perfectly and provides us with its tasty fruits.

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