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Fun corner in your garden! Games for children

Today I propose to make a fun corner for children in outdoor places. Now that we are in summer, you can take advantage of part of the garden, a patio area or even a large terrace, to add some of these striking ideas. The goal is for our children to have a place to play and have fun.

Do you remember the games of a lifetime? Today I propose the three in a row, as an idea to make a fun corner in the garden, for the little ones in the house. They are some nice options with which you can play and also decorate the space. As you can see, they are all made with very simple and economical materials to obtain.

The first idea is a simple Game of Three in a Stripe, but this time it is located on a tree stump. If you have recently had to prune or cut a tree that you had in the garden or you can get the rest of a stump, you already have the base for the game. It is important to prepare the wood, it is not necessary to paint it if you do not want to, but you must sand the surface … this way our little ones will not hurt themselves with some splinters.

Once prepared, you only have to make the corresponding stripes in two ways … well with a permanent marker, in black and thick tip. Help yourself with a gift and draw two horizontal and two vertical lines. Then we look for the pieces. You can also tax the stripes on the wood, with a little heat you can form grooves in the material … this will last a lifetime.

For the chips, a series of stones have been chosen, to distinguish some will be made of bees and others of ladybugs (a perfect theme for the summer) With acrylic paint or whatever you want, paint each of the stones. Make the motives with marker or black paint.

You can also create the famous game of three in a row, with another type of structure … such as stoneware. Locate each crockery in its corresponding place, would be nine tiles and then add the chips (they can also be stones painted with the marks -X- and -Y-) The last idea is to do it equally with stone tiles, but this time the number is reduced to three. Strategically located, the rest of the boxes are played with the garden lawn itself, which one do you prefer? Are you looking for a small children's corner for summer?

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