hongos en las plantas

Fungi in plants Good or bad?

We agree that there are many bad fungi for our plants, but … are they all like that? It is true that I always comment on being aware of whether our plants are healthy or have contracted some type of fungus that is killing them little by little. But I remind you that there is an immense variety of types of fungi.

The important thing is to take it into account, because we are not all experts in the field, but there are fungi that can be differentiated. The color, the area where the plant has them and the consequences that it causes in our species indicate that something is wrong and that they can be fungi.

On the contrary there are fungi in plants that are beneficial for them. There is a type of fungus called Mycorrhizals that usually enter into symbiosis with the roots of the plants, thus generating an optimization of water collection, improving their nutrition (especially in low fertility soils) and can even obtain growth stimulating substances.

Remember that mushrooms can be born in different parts of our garden or outdoors. Some sprout in trees or grass, while others grow on plants, on the stem, leaves or very commonly, on the roots. The color is different, depending on the type of fungus can be white or also see them in red or with yellow spots.

Other types of fungi are edible, especially wild ones. It is important to know how to distinguish them since we will also find poisonous fungi, which can cause serious poisoning to both animals and people. There are many types of fungi that contain toxic elements, so be careful.

For the rest we have already seen that there are fungi in both good and bad plants, the latter being more common. If you think that your plant has taken mushrooms, depending on their condition, use products to get rid of them and do not water it more than you should. If it is a lost case, it is better to eliminate it from where it is and clean the entire area that the species has touched very well.

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