Funny Vase - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Funny Vase – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want you to include vases in the home. That is why to decorate our rooms today we leave you such an interesting and striking proposals, as a practice.

We love to decorate with flowers, preferably fresh and even more if you have a garden … so today we invite you to do it in a somewhat peculiar way.

We will make a nice vase full of color, which will flood with joy any corner where you place it. It is ideal for decorating children's rooms or retro-style rooms, full of color and life.

We are going to make the vase ourselves, easily and simply thinking that we can also change it if we don't like it so loud.

I love this activity because, in addition, we will be helping to recycle all the glass or plastic bottles that we have at home.

To make this recycled vase, just have a glass, a glass jar or a plastic bottle. A part gathers decorative tape, elastic bands, scissors and colored straws.

The step by step is very simple, the first thing is to clean the glass or the bottle with which we are going to make the vase. Then measure the tall glass, with this measure we will cut the colored straws.

When you have finished take an elastic band and put it around the glass, once you have it placed we are introducing the straws so that they are held.

Alternate the colors you want, it can also be one or two colors. Go around the glass introducing straws until finished. To finish place a nice bow or bow, so we will cover the elastic bands. Use as many as you need to set the straws.

To finish, add some beautiful flowers and ready to decorate any room!

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