Garden care in May

Here some care is taken to maintain our garden in the month of May. If you want some information, about the plants during this next month, read on and you will have the garden fully prepared for spring and summer.

Remember that during this time the plants you have, have already flowered or are doing so. During this month you will see, if you have many plants, beautiful colors, different aromas and textures invading the outdoor areas. Remember that something important to do, during this time, is to eliminate all traces of flowers and withered leaves between the plants.

The flowers and plants will develop perfectly and will last longer if you get rid of this focus of pests and diseases (with some of these remains you can make homemade compost) You will also have to watch the weeds, which appear strongly during the month of May. They do not look good and also carry the one you can lose to your beloved copies.

In this way eliminate and tear the weeds as soon as you see them appear. It also monitors pests, in hot weather they appear and must be fought. There are plants that can repel certain insects, but others will attract them. Put a solution, before it becomes a much bigger problem, such as damaging the entire plant.

During this month, fertilize the plants and irrigate the soil more, but do not overdo it, it will be that you flood them and you will also have fungi. So intensify the irrigation, but carefully. A good idea is to water well early in the morning or at night.

Finally, if you have indoor plants and depending on what species it is, you can take them out for some time … be careful not to give them direct sunlight, for a long time. Your plants will thank you and look better.

Photo: thegardencentregroup

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