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Garden care tips

Today I leave some tips for garden care, to keep it beautiful and great all year. These suggestions will come to us all very well to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Surely many of you already know them and if you are beginning to take care of the land, to cultivate and others… they will be perfect to obtain a good garden.

These tips refer to different parts such as planting, fertilizers and other things to consider when we go to plant. Every plant needs its space, some more than others, so you will need to respect the space between two or more plants that you want to grow. In this way you will contribute to their wonderful development.

It is essential to eliminate weeds that grow in the garden, before always and during planting. There are different ways to eliminate them you can start them or add some product to avoid them. Try to be alert and not let them grow. On the other hand, the fertilizer you use for the land is very important. First of all and depending on the type of species we want to plant, it must be natural. I think only the best for the plant to grow in perfect condition.

It is necessary to prepare the soil before planting, in addition to removing the herbs, we will fertilize it and mix it with some peat, manure or compost to be used. Try to know the land you have at home, to prepare it accordingly since all floors are not equal.

If you are going to grow large and tall plants, such as trees, try adding a piece of wood or a kind of stake. In the hole itself you can do it, this will prevent them from bending as they grow and the roots take root well. Another important tip is the irrigation of plants, particularly in some different species, normally we should never pool them.

When you go to water try to do it on the trunk and roots, not on the leaves and do not flood the area. We must water depending on the weather, if there is more rain and the weather is cold they will not need so much water, while in times of heat they will need more water. When you go to water do it early in the morning and if not late in the afternoon.

Fertilize the plant, at least once a year. Be careful of extreme temperatures and try not to flood your plants, although you have to keep in mind that outdoor plants usually require more water than indoor plants.

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