Diseño de jardines

Garden designs with non-plant elements

One more article in which we will talk about the parameters that must be kept in mind when design a garden with non-vegetal elements. Within the areas for plants you will have the option of allocating an area for your succulent and cactus collection, a part for the different rose bushes and a part for the herbs, in the case that the garden is large you can add an area for fruit trees

Those families that have pets must have a space to transit, it is best to allocate a private space with sand so that you can dig at ease. A corner of the garden should be dedicated to the creation of a homemade compost, the idea is to have it in a hidden place in the garden.

Create an area to rest that is in the shadow of a pergola or in the shade of a tree. It is best to be away from the house, next to a fountain, pond or a place where water and air circulate.

Shaded areas are very useful in gardens. The shade may come from pergolas, trees, umbrellas, muddles, tall lattices, cane or wicker enclosures.

Trace the roads very carefully, evaluating the itineraries that will unite the different zones. The trails should be comfortable, ideally they are 1.50 meters wide, so that two people can pass at the same time, in case there are secondary paths they should be narrower. Straight roads will serve to link two frequently visited sites. For example, the road where the car enters the house.

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