Garden furniture. How to clean them

Garden furniture. How to clean them

Good morning friends, today in our space we will talk about how clean our garden furniture and how to keep them throughout the year.

The hot season still gives its last blows and it is good time to clean the outdoor furniture, so they will last much longer.

If you are going to remove them from the outside, try to store them correctly during the cold … but you have to take care of them by treating them with oil once or twice a year.

If you take good care of current furniture, they usually come prepared, with a layer and several impregnations, so that they last much longer and even more if we know how to take care of them.

There are many ways of cleaning, for example a mild detergent for furniture that is not very dirty. Apply the detergent and with a brush we remove the dirt and some stains … then rinse the furniture. Finally, we sand the cleaned furniture with a fine grain sandpaper.

For worn and discolored furniture we will use a renovating product, so we will remove the old layers of oil, use the product, let it dry and sand it last.

Vegetable oils are ideal for cleaning teak and hardwood furniture. Before using any oil we have to clean the furniture surface. The oils are applied with a brush or cloth, in uniform layers. After 15 or 20 minutes we remove the excess oil with a cloth and let dry 24 hours.

If your furniture is very old, remember that you can apply several layers of oil, so we will have a better result.

If you want the best result, we recommend polishing the cloud with a soft cloth, after drying it … and now it is time to store them in a very dry and ventilated place … for example good places will be the garage.

Remember something important, if you are going to store your garden furniture, never cover them with synthetic or similar material. If you do it could cause the onset of rot and mold.

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