Garden on the Wall - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Garden on the Wall – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in our space we will talk about how to build a garden on the wall.

We have already spoken before vertical gardens, they are fantastic ideas for small spaces or very large walls that we do not know what to do with them.

Vegetable walls or wall gardens can be purchased and we will also find impressive designs.

But if you can not afford this or you are a great handyman, here we leave you a great suggestion that we can build at home and it will be very nice.

Many of us love plants and flowers, but it is true that we have no space … if you do not have a garden or patio, maybe you can put a green wall on the terrace.

If you want to have your own garden where to plant flowers, beautiful plants, aromatic herbs for your meals .. now we can achieve it easily and very economically.

If your wall has a lot of lighting try to put the plants and herbs that love the heat of the sun .. such as rosemary, thyme …

To create this vertical garden, we will need some materials .. among them: Some pots of the size you want, but that can be hung .. these should have good drainage .. if we do not pierce the bottom.

We will also need the seeds or plants and herbs we want to grow, soil, nails or tacos, a drill and some wire.

The step by step is very simple, the first thing we will do is plant the herbs and flowers that we want to have in their respective pots. Try to get pots that can be hung.

The next step will be to measure the location of the garden, and with the drill make two holes. In both we place the tacos and then add the nails.

Then we tie the wire to one end, insert a pair of pots, and then tie the wire to the other end.

In this case it is better to use small pots, which do not weigh too much. We can use a thick wire to better withstand the weight or even a rope.

Repeat this action as many times as you want to put pots. Try to keep the wire tight and do not put pots that weigh too much.

As you can see it is a good way to make a small garden at home, without having too much space.

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